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Last Week At Spur (10/06/24 to 16/06/24)

author Royal Tomar

Royal Tomar

Last Updated: 17 June 2024

1. Reel Sharing In DM Support

Reel sharing wasn't possible before 11 June 2024

Brands using Spur can expect up to a 20% increase in revenue from Link Products starting today!

Since Spur’s inception, the Instagram messenger API didn’t support reel sharing. For example, we had 15,515 reels shared in the first week of June alone, but we couldn't create automations for these events, including our Link Products feature.

Now, we can automate responses to those reels, which will be amazing for you! This new functionality allows brands to automatically share product links with anyone who shares a reel in their DM, potentially increasing sales by 20-30% and boosting ROI from 30x to 40x.

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2. WhatsApp Link Generator

We’ve launched a free WhatsApp link generator. WhatsApp links make it easy for potential clients to start conversations with you instantly, helping you capture more contacts.

  • Increase Engagement: Customers can start chatting with you by just clicking a link.
  • Generate Leads: Use the QR code to provide an easy entry point for your customers.
  • Close Sales: Resolve last-minute queries quickly on WhatsApp before closing a sale.
  • Provide Support: Offer customer support via WhatsApp link, even after closing a sale.

User WhatsApp Link Generator

3. Added Two Return Prime Variables

We’ve added two new variables for Return Prime:

  1. gift_card_code
  2. refund_amount

Learn More About Return Prime Integration

4. Switch Profiles via Logout Button

Users with multiple Spur accounts can now switch profiles easily via the logout button.

No new features / improvements were requested this week. Take a look at all the existing feature requests and vote for your fav one, or create a new feature request:

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