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Last Week At Spur (10/06/24 to 16/06/24)

We've got some awesome updates like you can now share products when someone shares a reel with you in DM increasing your sales from IG by 20% 🤯 To learn more about this and other updates, checkout this blog


How to Find My Shopify URL

Learn how to easily locate your "My Shopify" store URL and understand its importance in managing your online store.

Instagram Automation Comment Automation

Link In Bio is Dead

Say goodbye to "Link in Bio" and embrace comment automation for higher engagement and seamless user experiences. Discover why this shift is revolutionizing social media marketing.

Retention Marketing WhatsApp Automation WhatsApp Marketing

Retention Marketing with WhatsApp

Boost customer loyalty with WhatsApp retention marketing using Spur. Implement drip campaigns, personalized upselling, and loyalty programs to increase repeat purchases and enhance customer engagement. Transform your marketing strategy with Spur's powerful automation tools.

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Join Spur's Affiliate Program: Earn 120% Commissions!

We're excited to introduce Spur's Affiliate Program, a unique opportunity for you to partner with us and boost your earnings by promoting a product that's transforming eCommerce communication. With our program, you're not just an affiliate; you're a key player in driving mutual growth and innovation.