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WhatsApp links make it ultra-easy for potential clients to start conversations with you instantly, so you capture more contacts. To use the WhatsApp link generator effectively, ensure you have an active WhatsApp account.
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Why should you use a WhatsApp Link Generator?

You can use WhatsApp link to:

  1. Increase Engagement
    • By just clicking a link, your customers can start chatting with you on WhatsApp without saving your number. You can create WhatsApp links with a pre-filled message to streamline communication.
    • You can also use it to resolve any last minute queries of customers quickly on their WhatsApp dm before closing a sale
  2. Generate Leads
    • Use the QR code above providing an easy entry point for your customers
    • Create a custom link with personalized messages to share on various platforms, making it easier for customers to contact you
  3. Close Sales
    • Resolve any last minute queries of customers quickly on their WhatsApp dm before closing a sale
  4. Provide Support
    • You can also offer customer support with an WhatsApp link. Even after closing a sale, your customers could have inquiries about their purchases. They might want to know about tracking details, claim warranties or even make a complaint.

Frequently asked questions

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