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12 Tools For Influencer Marketing to Grow Your Influencer Program in 2024

author Rohan Rajpal

Rohan Rajpal

Last Updated: 27 June 2024

Influencer marketing is a highly successful method of spreading a brand’s message

It involves partnering with influencers who have a large following on social media to promote products or services. An example would be a fashion influencer promoting their favorite sneakers brand on social media platforms and their fans would be more interested in buying them as they trust and love the content of the person they follow.

Just like all other tools, influencer marketing tools add efficiency to the tasks involved in running influencer collaborations, like:

  1. Run multiple influencer campaigns and track their performance metrics
  2. Source and find relevant influencers for their target audience demographics, or sending email pitches
  3. Manage deal structure like commissions and payouts
  4. Speed up influencer marketing workflows like contracts, briefing & content approvals

These tools can optimize an influencer marketing campaign by managing various aspects such as finding relevant influencers and tracking influencer success

The right influencer marketing tools can help companies or marketing agencies manage campaigns and measure results effectively

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Picking the right influencer marketing platform for your brand can be confusing, especially when you have so many options. There are 3 main things to keep in mind when choosing to invest in the right software:

  • Make sure the tool integrates with your existing marketing platforms and tools. This includes social media, CRM, analytics and e-commerce platforms. Integration reduces the learning curve and increases the efficiency of your marketing efforts.
  • A good influencer marketing tool should have analytics and reporting. This should help you track campaign performance, influencer engagement and ROI. Look for tools that give you detailed insights into audience demographics, engagement rates and conversion metrics so you can optimize your strategies.
  • The tool should have a large database of influencers across multiple niches so you can discover best influencers and vet effectively. It should have features influencer outreach, for managing relationships such as communication tools, contract management and payment processing. This will help you build and maintain strong relationships with influencers for long term campaign success.
  • Cost for influencer marketing tool varies from $99 to thousands of dollars a month. Choose the software that fits your budget while fulfilling your requirements from the platform.
  • While calculating your ROI on influencer marketing campaigns, you should take both influencer fees and tool cost into accounts to get an accurace ROAS and get successful influencer marketing campaigns.

Directly connect Instagram influencers posts's with your Shopify products. Anyone who comments on their posts will get the exact product link, with sales tracking! Ecommerce brands can easily leverage the audience engagement from the social media posts of the creators they work with and create a new revenue stream.


Aspire is an influencer marketing platform for brands who want to supercharge their online presence through word of mouth marketing. It has all the tools for influencer discovery, campaign management, influencer relationship management, content creation and performance measurement. From sourcing — nano influencers, micro, macro, influencer location to managing and scaling influencer campaigns. Aspire’s features are backed by a Creator Marketplace, Influencer Search Engine and integrations with major ecommerce platforms like Shopify. Aspire also produces high ROI influencer content that can be dropped into social media, paid ads and other marketing channels. This ecosystem helps brands manage and grow their influencer relationships and gives them detailed analytics to measure their marketing efforts


Meltwater's Influencer Marketing Suite is designed to streamline the often complex process of influencer marketing by providing a comprehensive set of tools that help brands maximize their ROI. The platform facilitates the discovery, management, and measurement of influencer campaigns, utilizing powerful analytics to ensure brands collaborate with the right influencers who align with their values and target audience. With features like AI-powered search, real-time reporting, in-app contract and payment management, and e-commerce integrations, Meltwater simplifies influencer marketing while enhancing productivity and effectiveness. The platform supports brands in building relationships with influencers, managing campaigns from a centralized dashboard, and making data-driven decisions that enhance brand awareness and drive sales.


Upfluence is an influencer marketing platform that offers tools to help brands efficiently find, manage, and analyze collaborations accross social platforms. It integrates seamlessly with various e-commerce platforms, such as Shopify, WooCommerce, and Magento, enabling brands to automate influencer payments and track campaign directly within their existing marketing stack. Upfluence provides features such as influencer search and analytics, campaign management tools, and automated massive outreach capabilities. The platform also supports e-commerce integrations, making it a comprehensive solution for brands looking to enhance their influencer marketing strategies and drive significant ROI​


SARAL is a user-friendly influencer marketing platform designed for direct-to-consumer (DTC) brands to streamline and enhance their collaborations. It aims to simplify the influencer partnership process by automating tedious tasks like outreach and sales tracking, enabling brands to manage all aspects of influencer marketing from a single platform. SARAL offers tools to discover and manage influencers, track performance, and execute payments efficiently. It's particularly praised for its intuitive design and the ability to replace multiple tools with one comprehensive solution, making it a practical choice for brands looking to scale their influencer strategies effectively. Moreover, SARAL emphasizes a hands-on approach with dedicated customer support and transparent pricing, ensuring that brands can focus on building meaningful relationships without the burden of complex software or hidden costs


Modash is an influencer marketing platform that has a global database of over 200 million profiles across Instagram, TikTok and YouTube. It has tools for B2C e-commerce and app companies looking to scale their influencer marketing software. Features include advanced search filters, influencer discovery, campaign management and influencer tracking to optimise influencer partnerships.

Modash is known for its user friendly interface, making it easy to use and navigate the search and monitoring tools. Brands can fine tune their influencer searches to find the right partners and get detailed analytics to measure campaign performance. So they can make data driven decisions to improve their marketing and increase ROI.

From $99/month (annual plans) onwards. Affordable for brands who don’t want to break the bank.


GRIN is a comprehensive influencer marketing platform designed to help brands manage their relationships and marketing campaigns effectively. It offers tools for discovery, recruitment, relationship management, content management, and detailed reporting analytics. GRIN is particularly noted for its ability to integrate various aspects of influencer management into a single intuitive suite, allowing brands to manage their campaigns efficiently from one place.

Key features include the ability to track ROI with precision, streamline product seeding, manage payments, and recruit influencers who align with the brand’s values. GRIN also provides robust analytics tools that help brands monitor the effectiveness of their campaigns and make data-driven decisions. The platform supports integration with popular ecommerce platforms, enhancing the ease of product distribution and management.

GRIN is well-regarded for its user-friendly interface and the depth of its features, making it a favorite among brands looking to scale their influencer marketing efforts without the complexity often associated with such expansions


CreatorIQ is a robust influencer marketing platform designed primarily for enterprise-level companies. It offers comprehensive tools to help brands grow, manage, scale, and measure their influencer marketing efforts efficiently. The platform excels in data management and analytics, providing valuable insights into campaign performance and influencer effectiveness, which assists in making data-driven decisions.

Key features of CreatorIQ include advanced search capabilities for discovering and vetting influencers, streamlined campaign management, and integration with various digital marketing tools and platforms. This integration extends to social media platforms and ecommerce systems, enhancing the ability to track ROI and optimize influencer strategies in real-time.

CreatorIQ is particularly noted for its AI-powered tools that automate and enhance the discovery and evaluation of creators, making it easier for brands to find influencers that align with their specific needs and goals. The platform also offers capabilities for managing and compensating influencers, ensuring that all aspects of influencer collaboration are handled efficiently.

Overall, CreatorIQ provides a comprehensive suite of tools that support the end-to-end management of influencer marketing campaigns, from initial influencer discovery to detailed performance analysis and ROI tracking​


Tagger Media is an advanced influencer marketing platform designed to help brands and agencies optimize their influencer strategies through deep data integration and social intelligence. Recognized as a leader in the industry, Tagger provides a comprehensive suite of tools for influencer discovery, campaign management, and performance measurement, tailored to support large-scale operations.

The platform stands out for its robust search capabilities, offering over 50 filters to refine influencer searches, making it easier to find the right match for specific brand needs. Tagger's Affinity Engine utilizes machine learning to analyze audience psychographics, ensuring that selected influencers align well with a brand's target audience. This high degree of customization and precision supports effective and efficient campaign planning and execution.

Furthermore, Tagger enhances campaign strategies by integrating social media insights and providing detailed analytics that help brands measure the success of their influencer collaborations. This not only aids in optimizing current campaigns but also in planning future strategies based on data-driven insights.

In summary, Tagger Media offers a powerful, data-centric approach to influencer marketing, backed by sophisticated technology and comprehensive analytics, making it a valuable tool for brands looking to leverage the power of influencer partnerships to drive their marketing objectives​


Brandwatch Influence is a comprehensive influencer marketing platform designed to streamline the process of finding and managing influencers. It supports influencer marketing across major platforms like TikTok, Instagram, YouTube, and more, offering robust tools for discovering and segmenting over 30 million global creators. This allows you to pinpoint the perfect influencers for your campaigns with precision.

The platform is equipped with powerful filtering capabilities to sort influencers by interests, brand affinities, prior brand work, and credibility. It simplifies campaign management by incorporating features like an influencer CRM to store contact details and payment information, automated email tracking, and customizable campaign reporting. Moreover, Brandwatch Influence ensures efficient campaign execution with tools for content approval and real-time performance tracking, helping brands measure the ROI of their influencer collaborations effectively.

Brandwatch Influence is particularly valued for its ability to manage all aspects of relationships and campaign metrics from a single interface, providing a seamless and user-friendly experience for marketers​


NeoReach is an influencer marketing platform for brands and agencies to create, run and optimize influencer campaigns at scale. It has a range of services including fully managed influencer marketing, user-generated content, paid media and market research. NeoReach is different because of its technology-enabled services that use data to connect brands with creators.

Key features of NeoReach are an influencer CRM to find and manage influencers, track and run performance marketing campaigns. Fraud detection and 400+ custom data points through APIs. And pay influencers.

If you want to scale your influencer strategy, NeoReach has managed services that cover influencer sourcing, content creation and performance reporting. The platform is for large campaigns with top-tier influencers and niche projects with specific creator types across social media channels.

NeoReach is a full solution for brands who want to get the most out of influencer marketing with analytics, workflows and lots of customisation.

For those who want to scale, NeoReach has managed services that cover everything from influencer sourcing and content creation to performance reporting. Large campaigns with top-tier influencers and niche projects with specific creator types across social media channels.


Storyclash is an advanced influencer marketing platform to manage and track influencer campaigns across multiple social media platforms (Instagram, TikTok influencers, YouTube, Facebook). It has a full suite of tools to discover influencers, manage collaborations and measure the performance of your campaigns.

Key features:

  • AI influencer discovery to find creators that match your brand’s values and aesthetic.
  • Campaign tracking to monitor content, engagements and ROI in real-time.
  • Influencer CRM to manage influencer relationships and data in one place, making outreach and collaboration easier.
  • Customizable analytics and reporting to see how your campaigns and influencers are performing.

Easy to use & data driven. 👍️️️️️️️️️️

Getting success from influencer marketing software is not only dependent on the software, but the support you get from the company. Ensure the influencer database does not have any fake influencers, ensure you spend time in your influencer analysis, and experiment with influencer marketing platforms & multiple creators to see whats performing and what isnt.

A great way to find social media influencers is to track whenever a creator mentions your brand on a social media platform.

Whether you're an agency or a marketing team of a brand, finding the right tool for influencer marketing that gives you the key campaign metrics, build relationship with potential influencers & execute campaigns efficiently is a tough task. Many tools also offer a free trial & 1 on 1 demo calls so that you can experiment on which one is the best fit for your needs.

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