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Link In Bio is Dead

author Rohan Rajpal

Rohan Rajpal

Last Updated: 31 May 2024

RIP Link In Bio

The "Link in Bio" method, once a staple of Instagram marketing, is rapidly becoming obsolete. If you're a creator and want to share a website/product/guide/link with your audience, you're probably telling them to check the link in your bio.

This traditional approach, which requires users to navigate away from their feed to find a link, is being replaced by more efficient and engaging methods. As a matter of fact, we've seen good patterns of Instagram pushing your content down when you mention "link in bio" vs the other methods we've described below.

The traditional "Link in Bio" approach poses several challenges:

Users must leave their feed, click on a profile, and navigate a link, which is cumbersome and time-consuming. In fact, the No 1 query that comes in Instagram comments is "Where is the link?"

The multistep process often results in users losing interest before they reach the desired content. Even the Instagram algorithm does not promote this, since this breaks the user flow and takes them out of Instagram.

It's harder to track engagement and conversions accurately on your Instagram post. Because users follow a series of steps off-platform by following your Instagram bio.

Decline of Link In Bio

There is a better way to send links, you can simply leverage Instagram automation to send a link to anyone who comments on your Instagram posts.

Comment automation offers a seamless and engaging alternative to bio link:

  • Instant Engagement: Users receive the desired link directly in their inbox by simply commenting a keyword on a Post, Reel, Story or Ad (Yes, you can even automate replies to comments on Ads with Spur 🙌). Automated comments replies also notify the user to check their DM, giving much higher open rates.
  • Higher Conversion Rates: Immediate delivery of links keeps users engaged and more likely to take action.
  • Enhanced User Experience: Eliminates the need for users to leave their feed, providing a smooth and efficient interaction. An Instagram comment bot can be used to automate engagement by sending direct messages to users who comment on your posts.

You must have seen many influencers asking folks to comment on their Reel. Instagram DM automation can streamline this process by setting up triggers, creating and connecting messages, and using quick replies to enhance user interaction. You can even share multiple links and save time rather than manually replies to each comment.

You must have seen many influencers asking folks to comment on their Reel

It’s weird to talk about your own tool, so we’ll make it short and crisp

  • Comment Automation: Spur automates the process of sending links via DMs based on user’s comments, freeing up valuable time for creators and businesses. It is one of the most effective Instagram automation tools for managing comments and direct messages.
  • DM Automation: Comments are just the start, you can also qualify leads, collect emails & phone numbers to build your marketing list! We’ve seen folks get 3x more emails & numbers via DM automation than link in bio.
  • Increased Engagement: Users have reported significant increases in engagement, with some seeing up to a 300% boost in their Instagram activity. Using Spur can help increase follower count through genuine engagement.
  • Easy Integration: Spur is user-friendly, requiring no coding skills. It integrates smoothly with Instagram within 2 mins, providing an intuitive interface for setting up automated responses.
Spur x Instagram

Things are always better explained with real world examples. These case studies demonstrate the growth of Instagram followers through automation and how different Instagram accounts have benefited from using Spur:

  1. Samrat went from 50 to 20k followers in a week! Read here.
  2. How Abhishek, a fitness influencer, Gained 33k new followers & 2.4Mil Reach with Spur: Read here.
  3. How this Creator automated 5k comments, got 3k followers and 2 paid clients with Spur: Read Here.

If you’re not using comment automation, you’re missing out. Here are three reasons why you should make the switch:

  1. Boosts Engagement and Reach: When a lot of people comment, Instagram shows your content to even more people, increasing your chances of going viral. Comment automation can help maintain a strong Instagram presence by ensuring consistent engagement.
  2. Ease of Interaction: It’s way easier for people to comment than to click your link in bio or DM you. Protecting your Instagram profile from bans is crucial, so use legitimate automation tools like Spur to avoid any negative impact.
  3. Automated Follow-Ups: Once they comment, you can send them an automated message to share a guide, collect a lead, or sell a product.

The biggest benefit: you get way more engagement, sales, and leads for the same content you’re already posting.

Spur is an official Meta Tech Partner

Spur is a Meta Tech Partner, which means these automations are legitimate, and you face no issues integrating them with your Instagram marketing efforts. Learn more about Spur’s official approval by Meta here.

Spur helps Instagram users grow their followers through authentic engagement by leaving genuine comments and interactions on other Instagram accounts. No fake followers, no third party tools, only verified Meta APIs.

You can just sign up and start automating your comments, without worrying about your Instagram account getting flagged.

  • Less Engagement: People are less likely to comment on your post, so Instagram's algorithm won't boost it as much.
  • Cumbersome Process: Users have to click your profile, find the link in your bio, and then locate the product. This disrupts their scrolling flow, leading to fewer conversions.
  • Increased Engagement: When users comment, Instagram boosts your content, increasing visibility and engagement.
  • Seamless Flow: Users can comment while watching your reel, maintaining their flow and enhancing the user experience.
  • Direct Conversion: You can send the product link directly to their DM and follow up with a cart recovery message if they don't purchase within a set time frame.
Instagram Comment Automation Selling Products

Using comment automation, you can achieve at least 10x more conversions than asking users to go to your link in bio, resulting in higher commissions and rewards. Automatically send links, save time & earn up to 3x more money than link in bio.

The era of the "Link in Bio" is coming to an end. Direct messaging, powered by platforms like Spur, offers a more effective and engaging way to interact with your audience. By embracing this shift, businesses and creators can enhance user experience, increase engagement, and drive more conversions. Transition to direct messaging today and watch your social media strategy transform.

To get started with Comment Automation, create a new account with Spur today 🙌

If you already have an account on our platform, you already have access to the auto reply feature, because we offer one plan which has all the features, no complicated pricing. Know more about our pricing here.

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