Dt. Abhsihek Banerjee

How Abhishek Gained 33k Followers & 2.4Mil Reach with Spur

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Follower Growth
35k to 68k
Account Reach in Last 2 weeks
Sales Generated
Rs. 100k
Setup Time
5 Mins
β€œThe kind of customisation and support I got from Spur has made my content creation journey super easy. Especially the engagement part is fully automated. Thank you so much Spur Family πŸ˜β€
Dt. Abhsihek Banerjee
Certified Nutritionist & Weightloss Coach, 10,000+ Transformed with Me

Weightloss and Fitness Coach

Discover how Dt. Abhishek Banerjee, a certified nutritionist and weight loss coach, gained 33,000 followers and 2.4 million reach using Spur's Instagram automation tools.
Published: 25 May 2024 Updated: 25 May 2024

Check out his video testimonial here.

Dt. Abhishek Banerjee, known as @weightlosswidabhishek on Instagram, is a certified nutritionist and weight loss coach who has transformed over 10,000 lives. Founder of @Dietangle, Abhishek aimed to expand his reach and engagement on Instagram. With Spur's Instagram automation tools, he achieved remarkable growth in his followers and engagement.

Before using Spur, Abhishek had 35k followers and wanted to increase his reach and engagement to attract more clients and boost his sales. He needed an efficient way to engage with his audience and convert interactions into meaningful connections and sales.

Spur provided Dt. Abhishek with Instagram Comment Automation, a feature that automated his engagement process and drove significant growth. Here's how it worked:

Abhishek offered a free diet chart to anyone who commented on his posts. Spur automated the response to each comment, sending a direct message with the diet chart link. However, before sending the link, Spur's automation ensured that the users followed Abhishek's account if they weren't already followers.

Automated reply in DM for comments

When people comment on Instagram posts, it signals to Instagram's algorithm that the content is engaging, leading to increased visibility and reach.

It’s easier for followers to comment than to click a link in the bio or send a direct message.

Upon commenting, followers received an automated message with a guide or a product link, enabling Abhishek to collect leads and increase sales seamlessly.

Using Spur's Instagram Comment Automation, Abhishek experienced a significant increase in engagement and followers, leading to a broader reach and more sales. His content reached 2.4 million people, and his follower count almost doubled from 35k to 68k. Most impressively, he generated $100k in sales in just seven days.

Instagram comments are a goldmine to boost your engagement and conversions, if used well. Like Dt. Abhishek Banerjee, you too can achieve all the above goals with just 10 minutes of effort.

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