How Lagorii automated more than 50% of their return queries with Spur & Return Prime

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CSAT Increased
Return/Exhange Queries Automated
> 50%
One time Setup effort
30 Mins
Integration Cost
“Spur's Return Prime integration has made returns & exchange communications a breeze for us. Customers did not open their emails & that increased our support in handling all such queries. Not only our support has reduced, but this has also boosted customer satisfaction.”
Jatin Dugar
Founder, Lagorii


See how Lagorii leveraged Spur to send return/exchange request info on WhatsApp, automating >50% of their support queries and boost CSAT by 20%
Published: 30 June 2024 Updated: 30 June 2024
Spur & Return Prime's Tight Shopify Integration

Seeing messages for returns/exchanges is an ecommerce owner's worst time of the day. However, it's an essential thing to manage, and if managed well, it can not only be a liability but a great retention channel!

Customer satisfaction should be number one for any business. The better the service, the bigger and stronger the business grows. Even a small problem or dissatisfaction can be a domino effect and bring down a business.

Every interaction with your business should be seamless and nice. Mismanaged returns and exchanges of damaged or unsatisfactory products can kill a brand.

Return Prime Shopify App

Return Prime, the best Shopify app to manage Returns and Exchanges, lets you focus on your business completely by helping you optimize the Returns/Exchange Process.

The app is used by 2500+ merchants across the globe and has 643 reviews on the Shopify App Store.

Lagorii used to send emails to their customers for Return and Exchange updates. The problem? No one used to open emails! Their average email open rates were less than 20% and people used to directly reach out to their support numbers instead & ask for updates on their refunds.

Now any D2C brands customers can easily set up WhatsApp alerts for updates on return & exchange requests. Lagorii has seen 90% open rates on such messages, drastically reduced support, and provided their customers a convenient place to refer to the gift card codes they've sent so that they can order next time.

Customers can easily initiate return/exchange requests on WhatsApp

A customers can now easily initiate return/exchange requests on WhatsApp itself, rather than figuring out how to do that on the brand website, or calling the brand's support.

Flow to send a message when a return/exchange request is approved

Now, the moment a customer places a refund/exchange request, they get a message on WhatsApp that the process has been initiated, and their product will be picked up in 1–3 days.

Spur also picks up the return tracking information and forwards that to the customer on WhatsApp, this allows customers to easily be informed on when the delivery person will pick up the order.

The most important message after a refund is processed: Where is my refund? Lagorii gives a store credit whenever a refund is processed. Now two things are super important here

  1. How much amount was refunded?
  2. Where do I find the refund?

Lagorii can now send both this info in a single WhatsApp message to the customer, this drastically reduced their support as customers were always confused where is the gift card code and used to raise tickets with the brand about it.

The sooner a customer get the refund coupon code, the sooner they'll place their next order.

Message with coupon code and refund amount

Both Spur & Return Prime believe in enabling our merchants to build the best experience for their customers and convert WhatsApp into a retention channel.

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