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How Photojewels Earns ₹7,01,275 using WhatsApp Catalog

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“Using Spur's WhatsApp Catalog Automation has streamlined our order processing and significantly boosted our revenue. Our customers love the seamless experience, and we are thrilled with the results. Thank you, Spur!”
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Discover how Photo Jewels increased their revenue and orders using Spur's WhatsApp Catalog Automation, achieving ₹7,01,275 in revenue and 452 orders.
Published: 5 June 2024 Updated: 5 June 2024

Photo Jewels, known for their custom photo projection jewelry, offers a variety of personalized items including rings, pendants, bracelets, and keychains. Based in India, they have delighted over 120,000 customers with their unique products and fast delivery. Despite their popularity, Photo Jewels needed a more efficient way to manage their orders and increase their revenue. They turned to Spur for a solution.

This case study covers how Photo Jewels turned their WhatsApp inquires into sales, using WhatsApp catalog.

Photo Jewels faced the challenge of managing a high volume of orders and queries on WhatsApp, they had many customers reach out on WhatsApp on how to place an order, and since they deal with customized products, how the picture would be uploaded.

The WhatsApp Catalog API is a digital showcase, a virtual shelf space within the WhatsApp Business platform, enabling businesses to display their wares in an organized and accessible manner. Imagine flipping through a glossy catalog, but on your phone, through an app you already use daily. That’s the ease the API brings to eCommerce.

The catalog is designed for folks to easily discover your products on WhatsApp itself, attached below are a few screenshots.

As soon as someone sends them a cart, they get a checkout URL

With Spur, they

  1. Installed the Shopify App
  2. Setup WhatsApp Catalog & Synced it with their Shopify Products using this guide. We also have one for WooCommerce.
  3. Activated our pre-built WhatsApp Catalog checkout flow.

And see the sales come in!

The Customer Experience of WhatsApp Catalog
  1. A customer sends their cart
  2. They immediately get a CTA message with the checkout link.
  3. After an order all the post purchase flows start like order confirmation and COD confirmation, which helps in reducing RTO.
  4. If you notice the highlighted box, you'll notice many more events like clicks, page view and cart view are tracked, this helps understand the whole customer journey and improve your WhatsApp flows. All these events are automatically tracked by Spur Pixel.

Since the customers already have added products to their WhatsApp cart, they straight away get the checkout link, reducing the steps to the purchase.

Photo jewels also use Spur for Order & COD confirmation, so they instantly get the confirmation from the same number they purchased the products from, giving a great customer experience.

Not only did they share the exact checkout links, but understood how many customers received their message, and leveraged Spur pixel to track link clicks, product views, page views & much more!

Photo Jewel's WhatsApp Catalog Results

Using Spur's WhatsApp Catalog Automation, Photo Jewels experienced substantial growth in revenue and orders:

  • Revenue increased to ₹7,01,275.
  • Processed 452 orders efficiently.
  • Delivered 2,658 messages to customers.

Photo Jewels' success story illustrates the power of WhatsApp Catalog Automation in boosting revenue and streamlining order processing. With Spur, businesses can achieve remarkable results with minimal effort. If Photo Jewels can enhance their operations and increase revenue so significantly, imagine what Spur can do for your business.

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