Samrat Bhatt

How Samrat Gained 9k Followers in 4 Days

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Followers Increased
50 to 9k
Reel Automated
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4 Days
“I did 500 DMs manually then eventually spur rescued me ... already 30k+ done!”
Samrat Bhatt
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Personal Development

Discover how Samrat Bhatt, a personal development enthusiast, skyrocketed his followers from 50 to 8,700 and achieved 30,000 comments using Spur's Instagram automation tools.
Published: 25 May 2024 Updated: 25 May 2024

Samrat Bhatt, known as @psychognify on Instagram, focuses on personal development, sharing insights on books, psychology, and brain hacks. Despite his valuable content, he struggled with limited engagement, having only 50 followers. Seeking a solution to manage increasing comments on his posts, Samrat turned to Spur for help.

Samrat posted a reel discussing how a specific song can reduce anxiety, inviting followers to comment for the song link. This reel quickly gained traction, resulting in about 500 comments. Samrat found it challenging to respond to each comment manually and needed an efficient way to manage and leverage this engagement.

Spur onboarded Samrat in just 5 minutes, connecting his reel with Spur’s Instagram Comment Automation. Here's how the solution worked:

When someone commented on Samrat's reel, Spur's automation responded to the comment and sent a direct message to the commenter.

Before sending the song link, the automation checked if the user was following Samrat. If not, it requested them to follow him.

Upon following, the automation sent the YouTube link to the song that reduces anxiety.

Instagram Comment Automation Flow

You can comment "Song" on this reel and you'll get the link to the song in your DM.

Using Spur's Instagram Comment Automation, Samrat experienced explosive growth in both followers and engagement. In just four days:

  • Followers increased from 50 to 8,700.
  • The reel received 30,000 comments.
  • The process was streamlined, saving significant time and effort.
Comments automated who got the DM

Samrat Bhatt's success story demonstrates the power of Instagram comment automation. With Spur, anyone can transform their engagement and follower count with minimal effort. If Samrat can achieve such remarkable results by simply sharing a YouTube link, imagine what you can do with your content.

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