The Jaipur Studio

How this fashion brand earned ₹1,09,261 via Instagram Comment Automation

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Additional Revenue
Setup Time
15 mins
Channels Used
Instagram & Facebook
“I've recently begun utilizing Spur for automating tasks on Instagram and Facebook. The onboarding process was impressively swift, and I found their team to be extremely supportive in resolving any issues promptly. I'm thoroughly impressed with the product and eagerly anticipate their upcoming features, which I believe will significantly enhance the overall customer experience. Great work by Spur team.”
Sunny Bhatheja
Building TJS
Brand Name

The Jaipur Studio



Instagram Comments are a goldmine for fashion brands. See how the Jaipur Studio leveraged this opportunity to make 1,00,000 a month!
Published: 2 May 2024 Updated: 2 May 2024

Using Spur, The Jaipur Studio has automated 12,601 conversations & earned ₹1,09,261 out of it!

The Jaipur Studio's 30 Day Earning

If you're a fashion brand, you must be active on Instagram. Lakhs of people all across the world comment on brand's post with various queries about their products.

The number thing they ask for ? "price"

Sunny came to us with this problem, and we helped them solve it in 15 minutes, by:

  1. Installing the Spur Shopify App.
  2. Connecting their Instagram & Facebook.
  3. Linking their Social Posts with products on Shopify
Spur Link Products
Anyone who comments, get's the exact product in their DM!

Now anyone who asks for price gets the exact product link in their DMs, amazing, right?

But that's not it, you can even set up a reminder for folks who don't purchase from this message. Enabling 10% additional conversions.

Cart recovery within Instagram

But what if your customer still does not purchase? Well, to counter that, you need data on.

  1. Whether the customer clicked on the link
  2. Did they view the product?
  3. Did they end up browsing something else?
  4. Did they start the checkout?
  5. And finally, whether they converted or not

Thanks to our dedicated pixel, you can track all of these events by just installing the Shopify App, no additional setup needed!

Product, Collection Views, Add To Cart, All is tracked!

So if you're looking to tap onto this opportunity for your Instagram, create an Account on Spur right away!