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A ManyChat alternative to help you scale your marketing, and automate your support


Spur is a powerful tool for marketing and support teams. It's designed to help you scale your marketing and automate your support. It's a great alternative to Manychat.

Comparing Spur and Manychat

A detailed comparison of Spur and Manychat.
Feature Spur Manychat
Shopify App Present

Yes! 55+ five-star reviews 🌟 Link

No Public Shopify App, requires a custom integration

WooCommerce Integration

Dedicated Woocommerce Integration

No Woocommerce Integration

Custom Website Integration

Dedicated Custom Website Pixel & Integration Link

No integration

Stripe/Razorpay Integration

Dedicated Razorpay Integration Link

No Payment Gateway integration


WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook

Only WhatsApp

Chat Automation Builder
Automation Flows Data

With each automated flow, you get a dedicated database tracking the customer journey, collected details, and conversions from that flow.

Best way is to use their Google Sheets integration which is quite technical (10+ hrs) to setup

Pixel Tracking

See what products a customer views or adds to cart, offering valuable insights for tailored marketing.

Linking IG/FB Posts & Ads to Products

Dedicated to quickly link your viral Instagram ads/reels/posts/stories to products on your website

IG/FB Cart Recovery

Remind your customers to purchase if they drop off on Instagram chat while checking out your products

No way to figure out if the customer purchased or not

WhatsApp Chat Automation
WhatsApp Templates

Basic templates + Coupon Code Buttons + Carousel templates + One Time Offer + Multi Product Message + Catalog Templates

Basic Templates

AI Template Generator

Create dynamic WhatsApp templates with AI. Craft messages in multiple languages, personalize content, and format text with ease.

WhatsApp Catalog & Cart Checkout Link
WhatsApp Broadcast
Customer Segmentation

Enhanced segments: Any segment you can create on Shopify + segments based on past messaging activity

Basic Segments

COD Confirmation & Conversion to Prepaid
Collecting Reviews within WhatsApp

Save in Spur tables and import in any review app of your choice

Figure out the same with google sheets/alternative integration by yourself

WhatsApp Shipping Updates
Team Shared Inbox (All conversations in 1 place + ticketing system)
Custom Request Block

24/7 Personalised Support on email + live chat with quick resolution. Dedicated manager for higher plans.

Only email support

WhatsApp Address Mesasge

Possible. Link

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Spur is a powerful tool for marketing and support teams. Offer retentino worthy support & maximize

  • ⚙️ No Code Workflow builder for marketing automation & chatbots, 20 ready to use templates
  • 💬 WhatsApp Commerce boost conversions & with industry leading open rates
  • 💌 Instagram, Facebook automation and much more
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