Facebook Click to Chat Link Generator

Use Spur's free generator to create a link using which customers will be able to message you directly on Facebook.
Your QR Code will appear here! Start typing in your username on the left.

Why should you use Facebook Chat Link?

You can use Facebook chat link to:

  1. Increase Engagement
    • Get more followers
    • Get more likes
    • Get more comments
  2. Generate Leads
    • People can message you directly, as soon as they do, you get a lead
  3. Close Sales
    • Resolve any last minute queries of customers quickly on their IG dm before closing a sale
  4. Provide Support
    • You can also offer customer support with an Facebook DM link. Even after closing a sale, your customers could have inquiries about their purchases. They might want to know about tracking details, claim warranties or even make a complaint.

Frequently asked questions

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