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Mihir Gadhvi
Co-Founder of illustrake | HAYD | helping D2C brands to increase ROI by strategic Marketing
Published: 31 March 2024 Updated: 31 March 2024

Illustrake is a Mumbai-based digital marketing agency founded in 2016 by Mihir Gadhvi, Satyansh Tiwari, and Prakhar Shrivastava. Born from the first six words of Adobe Illustrator, "illust," which also means decorated or pictorial.

From left Prakhar Shrivastava, Satyansh Tiwari, Mihir Gadhvi

It all started with when a customer approached with their first paid project. The $5 order gave birth to illustrake. Now, the firm offers all facets of digital marketing services, including Marketing Strategies, Search Engine Marketing (SEO & PPC), Social Media Marketing, Branding & Designing, Web/App Development, Conversion Optimization, Video production, and Animations.

From left Prakhar Shrivastava, Satyansh Tiwari, Mihir Gadhvi

illustrake handles their clients' marketing and e-commerce aspects, ensuring that brands get noticed despite their experience in the industry. Their team studies the market and keeps up with the trends in the initial phase, so with thorough research, websites are either altered or fully revamped; some websites are also created from scratch. In the next phase, the illustrake team runs paid advertisements that focus on the brand's target audience. Finally, if the brands require, we form strategies for user acquisition where clients gain new users for a platform, an app, platform, or other services.