WhatsApp Business API Pricing Calculator

WhatsApp Business API pricing is based on the number of conversations you have with your customers. Use this calculator to estimate the cost of using the WhatsApp Business API based on the number of conversations you expect to have. Spur charges WhatsApp rates at actuals, so this will be your final rate for WhatsApp usages charges! The charges fluctuate based on the category and your customer’s country.

Total price:

₹ 0

Marketing conversations are related to promotions, updates, offers or invitations that prompt customers to respond and engage.

Utility conversations are related to purchasing, transactions and billing.

Authentication conversations provide one-time passcodes for authentication purposes, such as during account registration and account recovery.

Service conversations are initiated by users and are focused on resolving customer inquiries.

Countries not mentioned in the list are categorized as "other" countries and are subject to the same fees.

WhatsApp pricing varies on the rate card you use.

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