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Last (Two) Week(s) At Spur (17/06/2024 to 30/06/2024)

author Divyansh Balchandani

Divyansh Balchandani

Last Updated: 1 July 2024

We’ve had an exciting couple of weeks at Spur—so much so that we couldn’t even update you last week! But now, we’ve found some time to share all the amazing features and changes we’ve been working on over the past fortnight.

All the troubles Spur Affiliates can help you resolve when working with creators

Working with creators can be a mess without accurate data. That’s what Spur Affiliates solves! With Spur Affiliates you can:

  • Connect any IG creator’s post directly to your shopfront
  • Get clear insights on which creator’s post led to how many sales
  • Reach out and recover carts from people who engage with a creator’s post

Learn more about and start working with Spur Affiliates here.

What carousels look like on WhatsApp mobile

Carousels are a perfect way to display multiple products, and now you can integrate them into your workflows.

With our Workflow Builder, the possibilities for automation are endless. Create engaging product showcases and streamline your marketing efforts like never before!

What working with Carousels on our workflow builder looks like

As soon as Meta rolled out the ability to send messages to new WhatsApp users without them sending a message first, we enabled it for our brands to get upto 2x more leads!

We’ve added this default welcome message, which you can of course customize.

Our default welcome message

Bring order to your Instagram live sessions by automating responses to comments. Configure keywords to include and exclude, ensuring relevant and timely engagement during your live events.

Sample flow showing how IG Live Comments work

Direct leads to WhatsApp with pre-filled keywords to trigger specific flows using our free WA link and QR generator. Try it out here.

What our WA Link generator looks like

The Database section now shows all your active contacts within a certain date range, helping you keep your billing in check.

Steps to check all active contacts

New messages in a conversation are now clearly indicated, ensuring you never miss an important update.

Image showing New Messages under an indicator

You can now mark conversations in your Shared Inbox as unread when using Spur on mobile, helping you manage your chats more efficiently.

Unread button added to chat header on mobile

Pausing automations whenever you send a message manually was the default behaviour. However, template messages have been excluded from this behaviour, since they can trigger automations of their own.

I’m sure you know by now that Spur is a powerful tool to automate your engagement on both WhatsApp and Instagram. But you know what can make Spur even more powerful? Integrations with other tools.

That’s exactly what our partner brand Lagorii did. With the power of Spur and ReturnPrime, they were able to automate 50% of all of their return queries!

Click here to check out how they did this, and how you can leverage integrations to automate the boring stuff and focus on what matters most!

We also have one new Shopify review from our friends at RITE.® from the UAE. They’re as passionate about accessible health and beauty supplements as we are passionate about a great user experience! Go check them out here:

And if you have things to say about us and would like to be featured next week, go post a review on our shopify page. Your feedback helps us be the best product for engagement automation!

Stay tuned for all the amazing things we have in store for you. Until next week!

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